15 Times Cats acted so weird, They made people ask “Is your cat broken”.

By | January 18, 2023

The dog is man’s best friend, but the cat is the secret ruler of the world. The lack of attention to it’s fluffy persona on the Internet might offend it, so we better fix it. Sometimes the purring highness behaves a little strange. Someone might even say, that the cat “is broken”.

We want to entertain you today with funny and positive pictures of cats that behave very funny. We borrowed the material from the famous online community “What’s Wrong With Your Cat”, which, by the way, has almost half a million Internet users.

1.How you doing?

2. Liquid cat

3. Big brother is watching you

4. Where is the rest of the cat?

5. He is starring at the cactus for a while.

6. Working cat.

7. It’s comfy, I swear.

8. I think, he’s pissed.

9. This is his sleeping spot.

10. Caught them stealing my husband’s pants.

11. Looks like my cat is hangover.

12. He is alright, just sleeping.

13. He doesn’t want to get down.

14. His favourite spot is near the artificial skeleton.

15. I guess, he’s ok with it.

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