3 boys unaware they were being filmed helping an elderly man get rewarded for their good deed

By | January 26, 2023

A man who spotted three young boys performing a good deed filmed the moment and uploaded the video on TikTok. Now, the footage is going viral and inspiring many people online.

At the time, the boys didn’t know that someone was watching them as they helped an elderly man who had just gotten off a bus.

Richard Allen from Philadelphia was sitting in his car when the bus pulled up to stop in front of him. As he sat there holding his phone, he saw three boys helping the man, who was visibly struggling with his walker and bags.

Richard immediately pressed record on his phone to capture the touching scene.

“I was on my phone, and I noticed a bus pulled over,” he said. “And I see a group of kids helping an elderly man. I said, ‘Wow! I have to record this.’”

Without being asked, the kindhearted boys worked together to help the man as he shuffled to his walker. Two boys went on both sides to help him walk, while the youngest boy held his walker.

After making sure that he had a good grip on his walker and his bags were secure, the lads continued on their way.

However, Richard couldn’t just let it end there. He got out of his vehicle and called the three boys to reward them for their efforts. He each handed them some money and shook their hands while thanking them for what they had just done.

Surely, the boys didn’t perform the kind act to be noticed; it just came out of the goodness of their hearts.

Richard captured the scene and shared it on TikTok so that many people could witness their compassionate gesture. He also hopes to inspire young people to help others when they see someone in need.

“I wanted it to basically get shared to a lot of different kids that actually see this video to want to do better,” Richard said.

Since posting it on January 24, the TikTok video has racked up nearly 280K likes on the platform. Many people took to the comments to praise the boys for their selfless actions. Here are some of their reactions to the footage.

“That is what we are supposed to teach our younger generation and it’s awesome that he acknowledged and reinforced that. They will never forget that.”

“What warms my heart is they would have done it with out the motivation of $$$.”

“I hope their parents see this because they are doing something right. These boys just brought tears to my eyes because their kindness is so beautiful.”

Christie Ileto of 6abc Action News also shared the video of the sweet moment on Twitter.

“A Northeast Philadelphia man spotted a random example of kindness from three kids,” she wrote on the caption. “Hoping to spotlight the positivity, he posted it, and they went viral for all the right reasons.”

Witness the heartwarming interaction between the elderly man and the three boys in the video. If you don’t see a video below, watch it HERE.

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