Animal group rescues momma dog and nine puppies left behind in a church parking lot

By | February 16, 2023

A heartbreaking picture of a momma dog and her nine puppies left behind in a church parking lot in Abilene, Texas, circulated online last month. Thankfully, an animal rescue group based in the area immediately took action and came to the poor animals’ aid.

The picture caught the eye of Paw Angel Animal Rescue. They shared it on their Facebook page and called on to potential fosters. The rescue also called for donations as large vet bills are still ahead for all the dogs.

“Dumped in the parking lot of an Abilene church. All Rescues are full to bursting. Foster needed asap,” the shelter wrote. “Please. Developing situation. Two Paw Angel volunteers are en route.”

One of the volunteers, Mistie Boerger, saw the photo and felt compelled to take action.

“I saw the picture and it just broke my heart and I called Angel and we went and rescued the dogs,” she told KTXS12. “I just don’t know how someone could do that, leaving momma and two-week-old babies.”

On April 26, Misty and her fellow volunteer, Angel Urban, drove to the location. They spotted the 5-year-old boxer mix, later named Dory, and her litter of nine two-week-old pups at the North Side Baptist Church parking lot. Aside from being exhausted caring for her puppies alone, the momma dog was injured when they found her.

“We found lots of wounds on her that were opened and draining,” Angel said.

The pair loaded up Dory and her puppies into the backseat of their vehicle.

On April 27, Mistie shared a photo of Dory with her puppies resting comfortably inside a kennel. She said they will be staying with her for two weeks before they’re transferred to a permanent foster. The mom will be spayed and her pups will be spayed and neutered before they’re put up for adoption.

“They will be under Paw Angel Animal Rescue so if anyone would like to donate to them that is the rescue to donate to. I did have to tube the smaller baby and give her Pedialyte as she was very dehydrated and weak. That is one reason we decided to foster them. The smaller baby will need more attention and care and I can tube feed. Thank you all for your offers to help,” she wrote in the comment.

Unfortunately, one of Dory’s babies, Peach, had a throat tumor. Although surgery can correct the problem, the pup was too small and young for such an invasive procedure. The doctors and the shelter had no choice but to euthanize her.

Since they were retrieved from the church parking lot, the group has been providing regular updates on Facebook about the dogs’ situation.

Two weeks ago, they posted a heartwarming photo of three of Dory’s puppies snuggling close within a volunteer’s arms.

“8 puppies will start out in a new 10 foot by 10 foot kennel. It will only be a few weeks before they outgrow it but for now, they are Snug and Safe, out of direct heat and we’ll loved,” the caption read.

In another update, the shelter said that a vet checked Dory for things that will help her gain weight. He wants her to gain more weight first before she is spayed. On the other hand, the puppies are with a foster, and they are all safe and healthy!

You may follow the story of Dory and her puppies at From Dumped to Diva: Dory’s Story Facebook page.

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