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Adopted boy is on a mission to save old dogs who need a home: ‘I know how it feels not to be loved’

By | February 13, 2023

Robbie Gay is an adopted 9-year-old boy with a mission – saving senior dogs left behind in shelters. Instead of looking for the cutest and youngest pup, as most people would, Robbie chooses the oldest and least-adoptable mutt to bring home. “There’s something about old dogs that I just like,” he said. And that could… Read More »

This talented artist will create incredible tiny replicas of your pet, but the waitlist is long

By | February 12, 2023

Every pet owner loves taking pictures of their animals, whether they’re just playing, sleeping, or resting. We do it to preserve the memories we have of them, so we have something to remember them by when they’re gone. One talented artist—and pet owner—from Washington, DC, found a better way to immortalize people’s pets – by… Read More »

Photographer captures the ‘similarities’ between humans and dogs in fun card game

By | February 12, 2023

As an animal photographer, Gerard Gethings aims to capture the unique characteristics that make each of his subjects special. Whether they’re birds, bees, horses, and chameleons, he makes sure that he’s able to highlight their distinctive beauty and showcase their personalities with every portrait. But for this project he did in collaboration with Laurence King… Read More »