Cute 19-month-old baby recites capital of countries effortlessly, her cleverness stirs reactions (Video)

By | January 21, 2023

A video making the rounds online has captured a 19-month-old baby reciting capital of countries effortlessly.

In a video shared on TikTok, it showed that the little baby also knows the country she lived in.

In the 31 seconds video posted on November 30, the girl appeared very confident when she was answering questions.

The 19-months old was asked if she knew the country where she lives in, and answered that she lives in the UK.

Apart from knowing she lives in the UK, she also effortlessly told the capital of Kenya to be Nairobi.

Even the girl’s mother was surprised by her amazing brilliance at such a tender age.

The woman asked while sharing the video, “Please tell me if you’ve ever met another 19 month old baby who knows the capital of any country, or even which country they live in.”

The adorable little girl’s cleverness stunned netizens online as they took to comment section to praise her. Some reactions are shown below:

Suzanne said, “Omg she’s so clever, will you be teaching her Swahili?

Becky Holmes said, “Literally gonna be a genius”.

Principlewoman said, “Awww she’s known who Shosho is cute! Love her accent also. Smart”.

Lisa said, “I just absolutely adore her little accent, she is fabulous xx”.

Edith Van Pletzen said, “you are a wonderful mother teaching her this good amazing”.

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