Cute Albino Sisters Born 12 Years Apart Stun The World With Their Extraordinary Beauty (Watch)

By | January 21, 2023

It takes time to see an albino person on the street, since the condition is quite rare. That is why the story of two Kazakhstani girls has enchanted people all around the world.

These two girls from Kazakhstan defied the odds. Asel and Kamila Kalaganova were born into the same family 12 years apart and both of the beautiful girls are albinos!

Appearance is a vital fact to attract the many hearts of the people. So any abnormality highlights among the ordinary people.

Their mother was terrified to bring her children into the world because of their skin tone. “People are startled to learn that we are albino.” “A lot of people don’t know what albinos are,” Asel explained.

Asel began modeling when she was ten years old. Now, following Kamila’s delivery and their beautiful family photos.

“When I gave birth to my eldest, genetics was not so developed with us,” the mother said. “It is developing only now.”

“The doctors were shocked and thought that she was Russian. Then I started reading about this matter, I have learned that my children are albinos”

When she was younger, Asel attended a special school for handicapped children. Later, however, she transferred to a regular one.

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