Dog saved a baby bird’s life and becomes a loyal guardian who never leaves her side

By | February 14, 2023

Sometimes, fate has a funny way of bringing people into our lives. How many times have we heard stories about long-time couples who met in the most random place at the most random time? During their first encounter, neither of them ever thought they’d eventually play an important role in each other’s lives.

Yet, decades later, they’re still riding the waves of married life together. These chance meetings happen not only to future couples; they also happen to best friends, just like what transpired between a bird and a dog in Puerto Rico.

If there is one thing that Viviana Davila has to say about her dog Hiro, it’s that he’s a good boy. But recently, he proved that he’s not just a good dog, he’s also a hero in his own way!

Last month, Viviana and Hiro were relaxing in their backyard when something on the ground near the fence caught Hiro’s attention. The pooch got up to check what it was. When he reached the spot, he found something and alerted his owner.

“I noticed Hiro licking something on the grass. Hiro licked this thing and looked at me, and insisted again by licking it and looking at me,” Viviana told The Dodo. “That gave me the signal that there was something going on and I approached Hiro.”

When she looked down, she saw that the dog had found a baby bird that needed help.

“I instantly looked for a towel and picked her up,” Viviana said. “She was very defenseless and helpless.”

Viviana took the poor animal to the vet and learned that the bird, a baby Quaker parrot, was paraplegic. The impairment was probably caused by the impact of falling from her nest. The bird’s disability meant that she had little chance of surviving in the wild. If Hiro had not found her, she likely would have died on the ground. However, the parrot proved that she was a fighter. For her resilience, Viviana named her Hope.

“The vet told us that on similar cases he recommends clients to put them to sleep,” she said. “However, he was surprised to see how Hope was striving to live.”

Viviana adopted Hope into her family and cared for her as best as she could. Following her vet’s instructions, she’s been giving the bird regular feedings and making sure she’s always comfortable.

Within a week and a half of staying in Viviana’s home, Hope was looking better. Her savior Hiro played a significant part in her recovery. Ever since finding her in the backyard, the loyal dog hasn’t left her side. As the bird was slowly healing physically, Hiro was also there to give her emotional support.

“Nothing matters anymore for him because he has a new purpose: taking care of Hope,” Viviana said.

Nowadays, the two have become inseparable. With that, an unlikely yet beautiful friendship between a parrot and a dog blossomed.

“Having Hope and taking care of her so far has been a really great experience,” Viviana said. “She teaches us each day about perseverance, and Hiro about empathy and being a kind living creature and friend.”

Thanks to Hiro, the bird is now enjoying her new life and new home. She even got the wonderful bonus of having a loving human mom and a forever loyal friend who will never leave her.

With the loyal four-legged hero by her side, Hope will surely thrive and grow into a healthy and happy parrot!

“We feel honored to have Hiro,” Viviana said. “Although he has always been a really good boy, we are super proud of his development and feel happy to have embraced his honorable soul.”

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