Good Samaritan drove 25 miles to return the wallet a woman had lost at Walmart

By | February 10, 2023

One thing that can send anyone into instant panic mode is realizing they have lost their wallet.

That’s exactly what happened to Debra Crosby while she was shopping at the Walmart in River City in North Jacksonville. She realized her wallet was gone when she was about to pay for her items.

It was a Saturday then. The lines were long, and the customers were looking impatient. Without her wallet, Debra wasn’t sure if she had any money with her.

Luckily, she found some petty cash in her purse and was able to pay for her purchases.

Debra felt her anxiety rising just thinking about the time it would take to replace all the contents in her wallet. She’s going to have to replace her military ID and her driver’s license. Plus, she’s going to have to take time off work because the offices are already closed by the time she gets off.

As she was driving home to Yulee, Debra received a notification from her home security camera, saying that someone was at her front door. She called her stepson to check the footage, and to her surprise, it was a man who had stopped by to return her wallet.

“Hey, how are you doing? I found your wallet at Walmart,” said a man in the security video.

Debra says this man is her “guardian angel” who came to bring in some good news after thinking she had lost her wallet forever.

“I’m like, ‘My God. This person went out of his way,’” Debra told First Coast News. “I get there and the wallet and along with the credit cards and everything are there.”

In the recording, the Good Samaritan explained that he just dropped by to return her valuables. Debra’s Yulee home was about a 20-minute drive from Walmart.

“Hey Ms. Crosby, I found your wallet at Walmart in River City,” he said. “I’m going to put it by the Amazon boxes.”

This man could have turned around anytime, but he didn’t. Instead, he made an effort to personally deliver the wallet to Debra’s address.

“I’m thinking wow this is super. He didn’t leave his name. He didn’t do it or the fame or fortune,” Debra said. “He did it, I guess, for the right reason. It made me feel like what I’ve known all along that 99% of people are great, even though sometimes we focus on that 1% that do the wrong thing.”

Debra is a science teacher at Yulee Middle School. She said she wants to use this experience as a lesson plan in kindness. She knew this was something no textbook can teach.

“If he is watching this, I want him to know that he makes me so proud,” she said. “I have three sons of my own and I would hope that they do the exact same thing.”

Debra shared the story on social media and a local news station, hoping to find the man and thank him for what he has done.

And after a few days, she received a phone call from the man, who identified himself only as Johnny. Debra said a friend of his saw the story about his good deed and convinced him to call her.

Here’s the security footage captured of Johnny dropping of Debra’s wallet.

Stories like these serve as a beautiful reminder that there is still a lot of good in this world. Let’s focus on that good while also doing our best to replicate it and perform acts of kindness ourselves!

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