Grandpa attracts 1M followers on Instagram after rocking his grandson’s colorful streetwear

By | January 31, 2023

This 75-year-old grandfather is not only ageing gracefully, but with swag as well – attracting a whopping 1 million followers on Instagram!

Alojz Abram, whom the Internet fondly calls “Gramps,” is totally rocking streetwear fashion – looking like a stylish model donned in comfortable, cool, casual shirts, caps, jackets and sneakers.

Gramps’ stardom in Instagram all began in 2016, when his grandson Jannik Diefenbach, who is a content creator, asked him if he would like to try on his clothes. Since then, Jannik has been taking amazing fashion style portraits of Gramps.

“‘I asked him if he wanted to try on my clothes. He said ‘yes,’ tried them on and looked super cool,” Jannik shared with the Daily Mail. “We took some pictures, uploaded them and everyone loved it.”

One of Gramps’ earliest street fashion snapshot is him wearing a white Thrasher hoodie paired with denim pants, a black cap, and sneakers. The whole outfit looked perfect on him, it’s as if he is posing for a magazine.

Moreover, he looked over 10 years younger! It’s hard to imagine that the 75-year-old gentleman used to wear anything that does not scream Hypebeast.

“Gramps used to dress like a regular retiree, very boring and not sporty at all,” Jannik revealed to The Modern Met. “When he tried on my clothes, he felt comfortable and liked the way he looked.

Since he felt great and we had lots of fun taking pictures, we kept it up and did some more shoots in different outfits. At some point, Gramps started to wear the pieces in his daily life. Now he only wears streetwear and sneakers and loves it!”

And the rest was history. Gramps keeps on attracting followers on Instagram, who couldn’t resist but swoon over his series of fashion portraits.

“‘It’s great to see that Gramps can entertain and inspire so many people by simply enjoying himself,” his supportive grandson happily shared. Although Gramps is not really involved in social media, Jannik confirmed that the senior fashionista is having the time of his life.

“[He] loves being recognized on the streets and is always happy when someone asks for a selfie with him,” Jannik said, “He definitely enjoys being famous.” He added.

Indeed time is but a number, with Gramps totally owning streetwear fashion style. There’s no outfit he cannot rock – from wrinkled sweaters to colorful sneakers, denim getup (even camouflage pants!) and designer brands, he always looks on point!

Moreover, his recreation of celebrity OOTDs would make you think he rocked them more than Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Kylie Jenner did!

The grandfather and grandson’s heartwarming tight relationship is even made closer, stronger, and extra-memorable with all the time they have spent on collaborations and photoshoots.

“I am used to seeing him and grandma weekly. Since the pictures of Gramps took off, we meet multiple times a week to discuss collaborations, talk about life and clothes and to take pictures.” Jannik shared.

“This year we travelled a lot and spend lots of time together. We had a great time though and I enjoy every second with Gramps.”

“I look up to Gramps.” Jannik shared with LADbible. “He taught me lots of stuff as a child but most importantly he showed me that it is never too late to start something new and to not be afraid to be different.”

The proud grandson also shared that Gramps goes to the gym three times a week to stay healthy and fit.

The 75-year-old fashionista is the living proof that fashion knows no age limit, and that the book of life always has room for new chapters!

Check Jannik’s Instagram account for more pictures of Gramps, looking fresh and dashing on streetwear fashion!

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