Man fosters senior dog to make his final days better, over a month later he’s running around the yard

By | February 9, 2023

Sometimes, all that shelter animals need is another chance.

That’s exactly what Zach Skow, the cofounder of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, gave to a senior dog named Henry.

Zach has fostered animals of all breeds and ages at his home as they await their forever families. So when he heard that 16-year-old Henry needed help, he decided to take him in.

Sadly, the dog was likely surrendered by his previous owners because of his multiple health problems, including cancer.

When Zach first saw him, he had trouble walking.

“I saw them bring him out of his kennel, and he didn’t want to walk,” he said. “He couldn’t hear, he couldn’t see out of one eye. You could just tell he was really confused.”

“You could just feel his pain. So my original assessment was, ‘I don’t know if he’s gonna make it very long.’ I just wanted to get him home and get him loved and give him a good last couple of days, couple of weeks,” he added.

But what Zach thought was going to be hospice care turned out to be a massive rehabilitation. With a foster parent caring for him and showing him love, Henry came back to life!

After getting a good night’s sleep and eating a delicious meal, the dog woke up the next day visibly energized. It looked like he was ready to take on the world.

Zach was surprised but so happy to see Henry getting better by the hour. And as the days went by, he got more comfortable in his new environment.

After Henry underwent surgery to remove his testicular cancer, Zach realized that the dog still had plenty of years ahead of him. His true personality began to shine through once his pain was gone.

“It was a pretty radical turnaround,” Zach described him post-surgery. “Every day, he would add something to his repertoire.”

One morning, Henry began following Zach up the stairs—something he has never done before. With every milestone, Zach was there to cheer him on.

Every morning, Henry would just gallop around, looking so happy. He eventually got more playful and began circling around the yard. The elderly dog would even play with Zach and chase him around their property!

Zach believes that the key factor to Henry’s successful recovery is feeling like he’s part of the family. Maybe he wasn’t much of a part of his previous family, but all that changed when Zach took him in.

After about six weeks, he realized that Henry wasn’t just a couple-of-weeks hospice dog. Soon, they started to get adoption applications for the sweet pup.

Eventually, Marley’s Mutts found a new family for Henry. They understand that he may be living his final days, and they want to make them as happy and comfortable as possible.

“He’s going to go out of this world surrounded by love, which is all we can ever ask for,” Zach said.

“He’s made our lives richer while we’ve had him, and he’s about to make the lives of those who adopt him richer.”

Henry is doing great in his new forever home with his new family and dog siblings. They’re spoiling him with lots of love, kisses, soft beds, and yummy treats.

We’re so glad that this sweet senior dog got his happy ending! If it weren’t for Zach, no one would even know that he’s still got so much life inside of him.

Check out the video below to see Henry’s amazing transformation.

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