Teen Kroger worker reaches into his own pocket to help pay for elderly customer’s groceries

By | February 11, 2023

This teenager working at a Kroger believes we should always be ready to help one another. And recently, he got the chance to do exactly that.

Teo Jordan was at the store bagging groceries when he heard a cashier telling an elderly customer that he had to put some of his groceries back. That’s because he didn’t have enough money to pay for all of them.

The 18-year-old couldn’t just stand there and watch the man return some of his items. So, he took $35 out of his own pocket and offered to pay for the surplus.

“He came to the line with the groceries, only $100, and I was just thinking, I’ve got $35 in my pocket, I’m just going to give to him [to] get all the groceries he wants,” he told WCPO.

The high school senior had only been working for weeks at the Kroger in Covington, Kentucky. According to WLWT, he got the job to help his family and save up for a new car. Still, Teo had it in his heart to put the needs of others before his own.

As for his good deed, he says it’s all about being compassionate towards others.

“I wanted to help the guy,” he said. “Just treat people the way you want to be treated [and] always help out if someone needs.” Stephanie Burton, his mom, feels very proud of her son for applying the lessons she taught him as a kid.

“I am proud of Teo. I’m overwhelmed with joy,” she said. “You try to instill in your kids right and wrong but you don’t know if they comprehend it, so, I’m proud of him. He was listening.”

“He gave him an extra couple of meals that he probably didn’t have. We just need to be human again,” she added.

Teo is a member of the basketball team at Holmes High School. He hopes to attend the University of Kentucky and take up marketing.

Another similar story involves a McDonald’s worker and a mom of three kids from Ohio.

Brittany Reed had just left football practice with her children when her 4-year-old son began crying as they were headed home. After telling her 7-year-old daughter that they would have red potatoes for dinner, the little girl joined her sibling and started wailing.

Now close to her wit’s end, Brittany decided it was better to have dinner at McDonald’s instead.

All three children are now crying as they made their way into the drive-thru. When the exhausted mom was about to pay, she couldn’t find her wallet. Turns out, she had left it at home.

Feeling embarrassed, she told the cashier to cancel her order as she had no money with her. However, he refused to do so. Instead, he pulled out his card and paid for their meal.

Brittany was shocked at the young man’s gesture. She insisted that she’ll come back to pay him, but the teen, whose name was Wyatt Jones, refused and said he was just glad to help.

Still, Brittany returned and paid back the 16-year-old more than what he gave. She also shared his generous deed on Facebook, hoping that it will reach his parents.

The post went viral, and McDonald’s held a ceremony to honor the teen. They even declared October 7 as “Wyatt Jones Day”!

The young man couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by all the attention he has gotten.

“I don’t know how to put it into words just because of how crazy it was. It’s just a small act of kindness and everything blew up and it’s amazing to think that something like that can get you this far,” he said.

Watch the video below to learn more about Teo Jordan’s act of kindness.

These teens truly deserve all the recognition. Share this story with your family and friends to inspire them to become more like Teo and Wyatt!

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