This amazing friendship between a wild duck and a dog has been lifting people’s spirits

By | February 14, 2023

Sometimes, the most beautiful friendships are the ones you least expected to blossom. Many of us have experienced this – we meet one person who is our total opposite, only to find out that we vibe with them despite our differences.

This situation proves that we don’t necessarily develop great relationships only with those who are like us; most of the time, it’s actually the opposite that happens.

This unlikely friendship between a dog and a duck is the perfect example. Evan Hastings has a pond behind his house, where a duck he named Daffy lived. The animal used to spend all day by himself, until he met his future best friend – Evan’s dog, McGee.

Since the day of their meeting, the two have become inseparable. Thankfully, the six-year-old dog is as sweet as can be; he doesn’t even seem to mind that his feathered friend is super attached to him!

“He’s a wonderful friendly dog with not a mean bone in his body,” Evan told The Dodo. “I think the duck just got lonely and started harassing McGee and then they became best buddies.”

Daffy, used to being a lone duck, found a companion in McGee. Now, he spends his days under the sun with the adorable pooch. He’s constantly trying to get his attention, and lucky for him, McGee is an exceptionally patient dog. Every morning, he shares his food with Daffy and allows him to eat from the same bowl.

“During the day, McGee will be laying in the grass and the duck will be laying on his back also,” Evan said, sharing how the duo typically spends their day.

“I think McGee gets annoyed after awhile because the duck is nonstop pecking at him for some reason.”

Daffy sticks with McGee like glue; he rarely leaves his side and follows him everywhere he goes. During the evenings, the best friends spend two hours swimming together in the pond.

The duck likes to jump in the water, swim around, and when he’s tired, he rides McGee’s back to get out of the lake. The dog, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying getting Daffy onto his back and out of the water.

“When they swim together the duck is always trying to get on his back,” Evan said. “Sometimes when he’s up there, he’ll hold his wings straight out — it’s hilarious.”

As it turns out, Daffy isn’t only clingy; he’s also super possessive. Evan owns two other beagle dogs, which he lets loose during the evenings. Once Daffy spots them, he chases them back to their kennel! Evan has only one theory for this behavior.

“For some reason, the duck doesn’t want the beagles around McGee — maybe so he can have him all to himself,” he said.

Watch their adorable video from Zoo Land.

Another story of unlikely animal friends involves a chicken and a pit bull. Christa Hubbard and her family adopted Peri the chicken when she was just a few days old. Unfortunately, six months after they welcomed her into the family, Peri contracted an eye infection.

After taking medications and having multiple check-ups with various doctors, the vets declared her blind.

One of the Hubbards’ pit bulls named Taj was particularly protective of Peri. When she first became blind, it seemed like the dog understood that something was wrong with her.

Instantly, he became her guardian and seeing-eye dog. They did everything together, and Taj became Peri’s all-around defender.

Sadly, the two only spent eight years together after Taj succumbed to cancer in July 2018. Worried that Peri’s well-being might deteriorate with Taj’s loss, the Hubbards adopted two pit bull puppies.

One of them, Gracie, grew more attached to Peri. She brings the chicken her toys, waits for her outside her fenced-in area, and checks in on her every morning. Gracie was there to continue where Taj left off.

We’re so glad that these sweet souls have found true friends in each other! Share this adorable story with your friends and family.

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