This stray dog is a fierce crossing guard for little children, barks at drivers to protect kids

By | January 23, 2023

Here is a dog that became a hero to pedestrians in a Georgian city. Dogs are considered our most loyal companions, a quality that earned them the well-deserved title of man’s best friend.

These special creatures are our stress relievers; they make us laugh with their silliness, but they are also ready to protect us whenever they need to. Indeed, no other animal can love humans like a dog can.

This canine in Georgia is just like your regular dog, except that he plays a unique role in his community – the crossing guard.

This stray neighborhood pup named Kupata has appointed himself as a personal guide to pedestrians crossing this busy street in Batumi, Georgia.

One morning, Beqa Tsinadze caught Kupata in action. In the video, a group of kindergartners accompanied by two adults can be seen standing in the marked crosswalk.

They were waiting for cars to yield so they could safely walk to the other side, but none of the drivers were kind enough to let them through.

They waited and waited along with their chaperone; however, it seemed like none of the motorists were paying them any attention.

Kupata the dog wasn’t one to wait. He sprung right into action and fiercely barked at the oncoming vehicles; it was as if he was scolding them for having no road manners!

The dog handled the situation like a pro. As he barked at the cars, they stopped and gave way to the group of pedestrians.

Kupata didn’t stop there; once they were all crossing, he positioned himself in front of the line and led them to the other side of the road. What a thoughtful pup!

As it turns out, this wasn’t a one-time incident. Beqa shared another video of Kupata stopping traffic and escorting yet another group of kindergartners across the street.

As the kids were about to cross, Kupata chased and barked angrily at a black car that sped through the pedestrian lane.

Then, he circled right back and positioned himself once again in front of the children, making sure that they safely made it to the other side.

One impatient driver in a white van honked at the kids as they were crossing, and Kupata barked right back at him!

It’s unclear how the pup came to be this community’s crossing guard and a hero to many pedestrians; it was probably his way of showing gratitude to its people.

Kupata arrived there as a stray a few years ago, and members of the community have taken it upon themselves to care for him, according to Georgian media.

Watch the video below to see this thoughtful pup in action.

The report says that the dog goes by several names among the folks in the neighborhood, but it goes without saying that calling him a “good boy” is just perfect!

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