‘Voice’ contestant from Kentucky gets four-chair turn with soulful rendition of ‘Rocket Man’

By | January 28, 2023

Getting a four-chair turn on “The Voice” is a rare feat, but that’s exactly what happened after Holly Forbes graced the stage during Monday night’s episode.

The 30-year-old singer from Kentucky dazzled judges with her heartfelt rendition of Elton John’s 1972 hit “Rocket Man.”

Her performance was so stunning that Kelly Clarkson couldn’t help but say, “That’s pretty!” after Forbes hit the first couple of notes.

Within mere seconds, Ariana Grande and John Legend turned their chairs, but the “7 Rings” singer used her sole block of the season to prevent Forbes from picking her co-judge.

Legend jokingly called the block “malicious.”

“We don’t have a lot of four-chair turns on this show, it’s a special club to be in,” the “All of Me” singer said.

Clarkson turned next while Blake Shelton held out for a few more seconds before turning his chair.

“You got lost in it. You became just the vessel for the song, and that’s like the most beautiful thing,” Clarkson commented.

Forbes noted that her 7-year-old daughter, Violet, is a huge Ariana Grande fan, prompting Clarkson to convince her to join “Team Kelly.”

“I know that there’s maybe a slim chance because if my baby girl liked (Grande), I’d probably go with her too,” the “Because of You” singer said. “I do everything my daughter loves, but Violet, I’m really cool too!”

Grande praised Forbes’ performance and said she really admires her work and would love to work with her.

“That was so incredibly moving,” the pop star gushed. “Every single second of it was so emotionally charged.”

Shelton was equally impressed.

“My favorite part is when you hit these little notes in the verses, that’s what’s impressive,” he told Forbes. “That’s what makes you not just a singer, that makes you an artist, a person and someone who everyone can relate to in that moment.”

Forbes, who recently got engaged, told judges that she works as a caregiver at Autism Services Center, teaching patients daily tasks and singing to them.

“I love helping others because people have always been there for me when I needed it,” she said.

Forbes had her own struggles throughout life, including developing a seizure condition when she was 11. The medication that doctors put her on caused her to lose her hair and her confidence. Being a bald kid wasn’t easy, but music helped her get through that difficult period in her life.

“At that time, I always would listen to music on repeat in my room, singing,” she recalled.

Forbes has been singing since she was little. She, her dad, and her sister Erika sang together as a gospel trio for years. They even traveled to churches all over the Tri-State.

“We knew she had a really special talent from a very young age,” Erika, 33, said about her sister. “She would spend hours listening to songs from artists she admired, learning how to use her voice like they did. It was really amazing to see her teach herself to sing like that.”

Forbes, a mother of two, said she has a “very unique look” and “very unique voice,” so she really thinks the show is special because it focuses on how a person sounds.

She currently gigs with Holly and the Guy. The duo also has a YouTube channel.

Monday night’s episode ended on a cliff-hanger, with Forbes just about to choose which judge she wants to work with.

And on Tuesday night, it was revealed that she ultimately went with Clarkson, whom she said she grew up listening to.

Watch her heartfelt rendition of “Rocket Man” in the video below.

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